□1. Intelligent Sales Prospecting

When Getting Sales seem to be totally Effortless…

Seconds only after just sitting down on your desk & picking up the phone, you manage to speak not just to the Person-In-Charge, but the Decision Maker – the Boss himself. You manage to schedule an appointment to see him just 2 hours later. Everything turns out great & the conversation you have with him just flows. Within half an hour, after hearing out his concerns & having draft a proposal for him, he signs on the dotted line. The Sales is closed there & then. And to think that just hours ago, you & him were just strangers taking to each other on the phone. And now a Sales was closed just like that!!!

Versus those Times when Getting Sales seem to be hardest… even when ALL conditions seem to be “right”….

But at some other periods of time, getting Sales seem to be one of the hardest “tasks to do”. The scenario runs like this: it takes just far too many attempts to get to the Person-In-Charge; many a times she is just totally elusive – either she is NOT at her desk or is on the phone with somebody else when you make that cold call to reach this particular prospect. And when you finally get through to her (this prospect), the appointment you have arranged with her is postponed time & time again. It “drags on” for a few months.

And when you finally got the appointment to see her, she is busy with “thousands of things” & therefore has “not much time” to entertain you. After you re-submit your proposal to her, she gives you the green light that you will finally be able to meet her General Manager (GM), the Decision-Maker. On that fateful day of the appointment, something crops up & the GM you are supposed to meet up with did not turn up. Feeling quite frustrated over the constant postponement of the appointment, you did not do a follow-up with this prospect for about a week. But when you finally come round to contacting them, you got to know they have just signed a contract with some fellow competitor of yours.

On hearing this “bad news”, you simply cannot believe your ears. Because from what you know, your company offers one of the best pricings, products & offers in the market. Moreover, you are genuinely confident in your own Selling, Persuasion & Rapport-building skills with customers & prospects. What’s more, you do possess an extremely good knowledge of your own products too.

So, what’s exactly happening now?

Many Salespersons ascribed this kind of situations to luck. But is it? We used to think so when we were Sales Professionals in the same shoes as some of you. Then, our Founder & Master Trainer, who was a veteran Sales Professional, developed an interest in a discipline called numerology. On a whim, he tried using this numbers thing to get more sales, especially to avoid or rather minimize those prospects who “drag” & postpone appointments after appointments, yet would not result in Sales Closures. That was about 10 years ago. And as they say, the rest was history.

Getting Or Not Getting Sales Is due to the Vibration in You!

We found out that, ceteris paribus, getting or not getting sales has nothing to do with luck. What we call luck is actually a thing called Vibration or Energy. This has been proven scientifically by Albert Einstein as per the quote here:

We have had discovered that Albert Einstein was right! So when the numbers of you & the prospect match, NOT ONLY you can avoid or minimize those “time-wasting” prospects, you are able to source out or find those prospects that will, most of the times, give you the Sales. And not only just that, with the numbers you’ll be able to tell & pinpoint who are those prospects that will get you the Sales speedily. So that you shall get the Sales NOW, rather than LATER.

For you know that’s the most important thing in Sales.

If you’re an employee this can mean the difference of being able to remain in your job & even do well & thrive in your company, as opposed to the scary but nevertheless, true scenario whereby a Salesperson could potentially be booted out of a company for failing to meet one’s Sales Quota.

For Bosses (who bring in the Sales for their companies) / Sales Directors / Sales Managers, knowing the numbers mean they know they can allocate a Sales Appointment to the “correct” Salesperson whose numbers match with the Company’s numbers (which we had discovered are the Boss’s numbers in fact) so that an appointment shall most likely result in a Sales (Closure). And in the fastest, possible time too. So if you shall do that you’ll no longer allocate an appointment to a “whichever” Salesperson of yours at random.

In fact, as our 10 year-old Research shows, nothing that we do is in fact random.

We based our Research on a painstaking process of verifying the numbers on thousands upon thousands of Real company’s data – Real, Live “Case Study” examples of companies that we have the fortune to come into contact as Sales Professionals ourselves.

Consequently, we are quietly confident in our ability to generate Sales for you (as an individual Salesperson), as much as in generating Sales for your company (if you’re the Boss of your very own company & reading this now).

The confidence of our ability to do that for you rests upon our Scientifically-proven Methodologies.

The litmus test of the workability of each of our Methodologies lies in the fact that every single one of them is being proven to work in the actual Sales marketplace / situations.

Evolving Methodologies that can be used in all occasions.

And last but not least, we are glad to say that our Methodologies’ accuracies (to get Sales) have grown in leaps & bounds over the years. The fact is for every Salesperson there exists multiple sets of numbers that you can potentially use to match & attract prospects / companies that will lead you to Sales for each person’s Vibration does varies with each changing Year, Month & Day’s Vibration. This is because numbers are the tools to measure Vibration.

Groundbreaking Research, fully verified by worldwide data.

At the peak of our Research, we have been able to prove that these Sales-Getting numbers (which may come in a pair or in 3-digits-form) & which you jolly well may have such numbers in your chart) do appear in the scientific fields such as Astronomy, Biology & Chemistry. And an interesting point to note is that these numbers can also appear in the charts of many well-known Businessmen, Entrepreneurs & Scientists for instance. Ditto for worldwide events happening now & in the past, such as the 2016 US Presidential Election. Therefore, we are glad to say we’re very much different from those run-of the-mill numerologists you may have come across.

Thank you for letting us share with you the Real Power of Numbers.


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